SolNat Various Biofertilizers

5,00 €

SolNat Various Biofertilizers is used to improve soil fertility and water holding capacity. Our biofertilizer is the residue when pressing the neem seed kernel, which is also known as neem seed/press cake. SolNat Various Biofertilizer offers a different biofertilizer per season since not all the trees are harvested at the same time.



Due to unsustainable practices and chemical fertilizer, soils are degrading. Hence, biofertilizer is a useful and green alternative since it enriches the soil, provides macronutrients for plant growth and increases yield growth in the long term. Next, biofertilizer is also biodegradable which shows the eco-friendly element.

We offer various biofertilizers such as:

- Jatropha 

- Moringa 

- Baobab

- Ximenia

- Hibiscus

- Balanites

- Nere

- Cotton


The availability of the biofertilizers depends on the season.