SolNat Neem Biofertilizer

5,00 €

SolNat Neem Biofertilizer is used to improve soil fertility and water holding capacity. Our biofertilizer is the residue when pressing the neem seed kernel, which is also known as neem seed/press cake.

As biofertilizer, SolNat Neem Biofertilizer provides essential nutrients to plants, while also protecting them against diseases in their early growth stages. It increases soil organic matter thus increasing soil quality, carbon storage and improving water infiltration. It thus contributes to increased yields and improve yield stability. SolNat Neem Biofertilizer operates as a biofertilizer for both food and cash crops.


Further, neem biofertilizer contains more nitrogen, phosphurus, potassium, calcium, and magnesium than farmyard manure or sewage sludge. Plowed into the soil, it protects plant roots from nematodes and white ants, probably due to its content of the residual limonoids. Similar to the SolNat Neem Biopesticide, it is also biodegradable and eco-friendly. 


Adding 1-2 t/ha of neem cake to fields reduces nematode infestation. Neem cake added tot he soil at a ratio of 1-2 t/ha can also protect eggplants from borers and tomaties from leaf spot disease. However, neem cake also shows anti-nematode effects at 200kg/ha.